Communication Strategy

Carefully planned ‘communications with purpose’ that are aligned to company objectives and aspirations. Strategic planning and key message development for projects, campaigns, change management, and mergers and acquisitions.

Brand Strategy

A brand is one of the most powerful assets a business can own – it attracts customers, builds loyalty and motivates employees. Define your brand and articulate it clearly through powerful messages across all your business touch points.


Words that spring from the screen or paper like a conversation with a friend. From speeches, blogs and opinion editorials to online copy, product brochures and video scripts – writing is my strength, my passion and my hobby.

Employee Engagement

Pinpoint the gaps and formulate a creative strategy aimed at improving employees’ understanding and engagement with your business.


Produce events with clear objectives and outcomes, as well as agendas that deliver powerful messages and memorable speeches.

Social and Digital Media

Authentic online communications that make sense of social media’s potential goldmines and pitfalls. An approach that balances a company’s need to protect its reputation against issuing authentic and genuine social media responses.

Media Relations

Manage your reputation effectively through a measured and realistic approach to working with journalists. Build a framework for sourcing and sending the right messages to the right media at the right time

Video and Broadcast

Write, produce and present cost effective videos or podcasts worthy of an Oscar. Ok, so that’s a stretch – but you don’t need to be a Hollywood Director to create engaging broadcast content anymore. I can help you script, shoot, produce and edit your videos or podcasts.

Communications Excellence

Deliver excellent communications guided by a clear ‘Code of Practice’ and underlying principals. Communications excellence is about working with stakeholders across your business to create a clear and consistent voice.